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"Thirty Years of Progress"
After the brutal lynching of a mentally disabled man, Henry Smith, this image in Detroit Plaindealer portrayed the failure of outgoing President Benjamin Harrison administration’s to condemn the lynching as a direct contrast to Abraham…

The "Plaindealer" banner
Edited jointly by Benjamin Pelham and his brother, Robert Pelham, Jr., along with William H. Anderson, Walter H. Stowers, and later Byron G. Redmond, the Plaindealer began publication in 1883. The editors sought to foster trust and promote civil…

"Benjamin Pelham, Robert Pelham Jr., William H. Anderson, Walter H. Stowers"
Benjamin Pelham was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1862. While working as messenger for the Detroit Post in the early 1880s, he edited and wrote articles for an amateur newspaper called The Venture. In 1883 he and his older brother, Robert Pelham, Jr.,…
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